Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Chatterbox and the Incredible Mexico City Temple!

Hey Everybody!

Last week was awesome! A few of our friends in our zone just left to head out into the field. I'm both sad and relieved. Sad because they were a lot of fun. Relieved because sometimes they were a little too much fun. Haha! 
The Mexico City Mexico Temple

I'm SUPER excited because today Dallin H. Oaks is coming to the MTC to give a devotional. PLUS we went to the Mexico City Temple today!  It was incredible. (Pictures inbound.) 

Elder Hale on the temple grounds
My companion and I have really improved our teaching skills together lately. Mostly, our Spanish has improved enough that I don't sweat every time I ask, "¿Tiene preguntas?" (Do you have any questions?) My only problem is sometimes I'm a chatterbox in our lectures and my companion has to interrupt me so he can talk. Whoops. Live and learn, I guess. 

BTW, I always forget to talk about this in my emails every week, but I met Jordan Fagan's grandparents here! They took us to the temple today.  Their names are Elder and Hermana Packard. They are so nice, and it's fun when they come up and talk to me. 

District members that are going to Santiago West
Mr. Ruptured Appendix is dumb, and when he came back from the hospital, he didn't hydrate for some reason. As a result, he passed out, went to the Enfermeria, had an allergic reaction to the medication they gave him, and ended up back in the hospital. He has to stay an extra week at the MTC while all his buddies left yesterday.

One thing that has really blessed me while I've been here is the opportunity I've had to be a district leader. I feel an extra need to follow all the rules and lead by example. It has been tough sometimes, since some of our district is not always committed to being as obedient. But this has been an excellent learning experience. I've gained a testimony of leading by example, which is something our Savior emphasized in his ministry. Why else would someone who was perfect and committed no sin have the need to be baptized - other than to set the example for us? 

God be with you,
Elder Hale

PS- Don't forget to keep sending me letters through the delivery service.  It works great!!

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