Monday, March 21, 2016

A Wedding, Some Dogs, And Two Packages!

So, this week was awesome! 

The highlight is that last night one of our investigator families called us and told they would be getting married today! This is super cool because we often have struggles with families where the parents aren't married. In Chile it is really difficult to get a divorce  It can take over a year to get one, and it's really hard. We have five family baptismal candidates that probably won't see the font because they are afraid to get married or they already got married and divorced and haven't done the paperwork.  So we went to the wedding this morning, it was awesome, and as a bonus we got a free lunch on P Day :).   They will be baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday in church! 

So I'll add a little more information about Chile in this email since my last one was so short. 

"This is the humble home of one of our investigators.  The floors are concrete, and the ceiling is so low, I have to duck!"
There are dogs literally EVERYWHERE. I have asked other South American missionaries about this and they say that there are a lot (of dogs) in other countries, but here it is out of control. It's okay, though.  We carry our Libro de Mormons as weapons (for both the spiritual and the temporal). 

The people here are awesome, but they are SO FLAKEY! We had horrible retention this week, even though we worked our butts off to teach everyone a lesson about church attendance, and personally invite them to church.  There was also a huge futbal game at the same time, so I think that might have been why no one came to church.  I gave a talk, too, but there were only about 39 people there to hear it. The Calera de Tongo branch has about 60 people, so we can become a ward pretty soon.  I think we need like ten more members in order to be a ward.
By the way, Mom, I got your package and I love it! Thank you so much! Also, I got a package from the Surowiec's, too. Please send me their address so I can send them a thank you card. But for now, tell them I received it, it was awesome, and thank you! They're the best!

To answer you question Dad, YES. When I get home I feel like my brain will explode. Also the food is great. I haven't eaten anything I didn't like - yet. We do lunches here and we eat something for dinner really quickly between planning and 10:30pm (which is like 10-minutes of time to eat.  Haha!)

Love you guys! I pray for you always.
Elder Hale

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