Thursday, March 3, 2016

El Niño, Which is Spanish for "The Niño"


P-day got changed to Thursday this week, so you can call off the SWAT team, Mom and Dad. (JK - I love you so much!)

Elder Hale enjoying his chocolate milk.  Thanks, Momma Schneider, for sharing photos!  
So, this week has been a lot of fun. We're leaving pretty soon and things are more relaxed and yet somehow more hectic than ever.

I loved getting emails from everybody! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
Elder Hale's birthday party!  Looks entertaining...
My companion and I have been teaching really good lessons lately. The other day we taught one of our fake investigators the law of chastity.  She stated it was our best lesson yet and that we were teaching on a high level for the MTC.  We also taught our last TRC, which are people from the area who volunteer to be taught a lesson. They speak really fast and are hard to understand, and most of the time, the lessons are usually kind of a train wreck. But we taught a bomb lesson to both of the members and we both understood everything they said, which is cool. 

The Spirit is everything here.  A few times I've had trouble feeling it when I needed to resolve something with my companion or change my work habits.  Our lessons are garbage without the Spirit.  I do everything I can to be worthy of that blessing.

Elder Hale shaking hands with Elder Oaks
So, a new district came in this last week and one of the guys is like 6´8" and the buffest dude I've ever seen. We asked one of the district members about him and he told us that when Elder Muscles opened his suitcases on the first day, one of them was filled ENTIRELY with bags of protein powder!!!! This wasn't just a little carry on bag, this was a full suitcase!! Priorities, I guess.

Santiago-bound boys on the slide
One of my buddies, Elder Simonton, left this week to go to Kansas. He was a cool guy.  We played cage soccer together almost everyday with the Latin American kids.

By the way, mom, don't send me anything in the mail because I probably won't get it.  I leave the MTC on Monday around 8pm. Our flight leaves at like midnight. Also, I will have to use my credit card to pay for a checked bag but I can get reimbursed at the mission office in Chile.

So, BTW, SEND ME PICTURES OF WHAT Y'ALL ARE DOING!!! I love hearing what's going on in emails, but pretty soon I'll have to only read them in emailing time. Pictures say everything, so start taking more photos of what you guys are doing, even if it's not that cool and just attach them to your emails. I love seeing your faces.  It's a great reminder of the love I need to develop for my companions and investigators.

Speaking of love, I just wanted to share a really brief thought. I was reading the scriptures in Spanish the other day about Abinidi when he is calling King Noah to repentance. For some reason I had always pictured the scene with Abinidi angrily preaching to Noah. However, when I read it this time, I just started to feel in my heart the love Abinidi had for the people he was preaching to. I know that if he had been angry and didn't feel genuine love for Noah and the Nephites, he would not have preached with power and authority. In fact, Noah almost let him go when he felt the power of his message. I'm going to try hard to develop this love for my investigators, because when I do they will be more understanding that the Spirit is central in conversion.

Que le vaya bien,
Elder Hale

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