Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Bupkis...Nothing!

P-day has been on Tuesday since Nathan entered the MTC (CCM).  Well, here it is Wednesday night and we still haven't heard from him!  Momma Bear has been refreshing her computer screen every ten minutes for the past two days.  She's like a junkie awaiting her fix.

We have spent just a little time speculating as to why we've had no communication this week.  Below are a few of our ideas.  Feel free to add your own...Remember, these are only theories - pure conjecture. 

  • The computers/servers were down on Tuesday, so they missed out.
  • There was some big event at the CCM, so that interfered with computer time.
  • Because they are leaving for Santiago next week, they postponed P-Day for their group.
  • There was a massive power outage in Mexico City on Tuesday, which coincided with sacred, P-Day computer time.
  • ???
When we finally hear from the silent Elder Hale, we will update and share!  Thanks for your love and support! 

If you want to send a printed letter, take advantage of this awesome service!  But do it soon, since we believe he will leave Mexico City on Tuesday - again, more speculation. :)

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