Monday, March 28, 2016

There's A Fly In My Soup...

Hey everybody! 

We baptized Victoria and Mauricio this week.  It was awesome! I included a picture. 
Elder Hale, Mauricio, Victoria, and Elder Goodrich

Unfortunately, that's about the only good news for this week. We had a lot of trouble finding new people to teach. People here are very reluctant to talk with us because Catholic and Evangelical churches are very prominent here, and the pastors preach nasty and false things about us. 

We were really worried when we were teaching Victoria and Mauricio because they live with Victoria's mom and she is Catholic and sits in on lessons sometimes. When we extended the invitation to be baptized we were worried they would be pressured to say no.

One day last week we went to visit a contact we had, and the dad came outside and told us everyone was out working. We asked if we could use the bathroom and he asked us to hold on a minute. We saw him, through the window, tell the people in the living room to hide and they all filed out. Hahaha. When we were inside I saw the table all set for lunch. Lol. 

Also, one of our favorite investigators killed us. He's a blind guy named Mauricio, and during the last lesson he was having a lot of doubts. We told him to listen to the Book of Mormon on his CD that he has, and pray for wisdom. He called us like two days later and said he didn't want to do it because he just wanted to believe in God.

Also, I ate some soup at a members house yesterday that had like five dead flies in it.  Cool. 
The soup bowl looks empty...Hmmm

Anyway, despite all this I want to say that I've found a lot of strength in the scriptures, and I've found that the times we feel closest to the Savior is when we feel what he felt when he gave his ministry. How lucky we are to deliver the message of the restored gospel in an age when it will never again be taken from the earth!

Love and miss you,
Elder Hale

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