Monday, March 14, 2016

Tin Roofs and A Baptism

Hey Everybody, Chile is awesome! 
Elder Hale with Matias and Elder Goodrich (photo courtesy of Momma Goodrich!)

The people are nice and the culture is pretty similar to America. Many of the people are also very poor, though. Most of the lessons we've taught have been in houses with dirt or concrete floors, and tin roofs. 

My companion, Elder Goodrich, is awesome! He's not exactly a legend when it comes to Spanish, but that's okay because we are learning together. He can understand everything people say, though. I can hardly tell when someone asks me where I am from! 

My first area is called Calera de Tango.  It is a poorer area, in terms of the area surrounding Santiago. 

We baptized a 10-year old boy named Matias yesterday. His mom is less-active and Elder Goodrich met with her (before I arrived).  We have been working with Matias all week to prepare him for baptism. 

Nathan's district at the Mexico City CCM
The dialect the people speak here is very strange.  I can understand Mexicans, but Chileans are tough to understand.

Que le vaya bien,
Elder Hale

PS - Mom my email is short because I ran out of time reading emails. Sorry!

More photos of the boys at the Mexico City MTC (CCM)

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