Monday, April 25, 2016

Carlos Valdovinos

Hey Everybody,

This week was tough! Whitewash is really hard, especially here in the city. 

This sector here has a strange history. One of the assistants to the president (that finished his mission last change) served here and baptized ten people in one change - with a brand new greenie he was training! But that was over a year ago.  Our retention size right now is two (which means there have been two baptisms in the last year, maybe longer), and they're both nine-year olds... 

Also, it appears that the missionaries before us had either given up or just didn't care.  The bishop was super surprised when we came to ask for his help, and the folder for the sector was missing tons of important information. Also, the alarm on the phone was set to 8:30am.  All of the investigators of the previous set of missionaries have been impossible to visit with. In reality, there are only about three of them, because the others won't let us in the door. 

So we've been busy contacting all week, and already we've seen miracles here. We found an abuelita who usually is alone in her house, but it just happened her son was there....and surprise, he is a high priest! He wants his mom to be baptized.  It will take a lot of work because she is pretty old, but we have the ultimate MAC. (Member Assisted Contact?)  Can't get any better than having active family members in the lessons!

No photos from Elder Hale this week, so here is a Google image from la legua
We learned something interesting about the area, too. Turns out, we have a part of our sector that is the most dangerous area in Santiago.  It's called, "la legua." There is a map in our apartment that somebody drew a skull and crossbones over la legua, and wrote "Babilonia la Grande." I would send a picture, but the computer here doesn't have a working USB slot.  I'll send lots next week, I promise. 

Another image from la legua

Love you and thank you for your prayers,
Elder Hale

PS- I forgot to mention that we are not allowed to go the legua, so don't worry, Momma.  
Also, I love you :)

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