Monday, April 4, 2016

¡Conferencia General!

Hey Everybody! 

Elder Hale, the younger

This week was great! General Conference was awesome! We ended up missing President Eyring's talk, because for some reason, there were no micros when we needed to leave. Micros are the buses here, and the drivers are nuts. But for some reason, the one micro we found that day was the most conservative driver ever! lol.  So we missed a few talks that day, but that's okay, the rest were awesome! 

I wrote down two questions I had before the conference and had them both answered quickly. One of them was how can I have the pure love of Christ for my investigators and everyone I meet. The third speaker of conference answered my question in full - haha! But I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk: "The lost sheep is entitled to divine help simply because it is loved." I think that was what he said (Whoops! I left my notes at home). 

Anyway, in between the sessions (right after that talk), we went contacting in Talagante, where the stake center is located. We found a woman who was a little hostile at first, but nevertheless, we kept talking to her to try to soften her heart. We gave her a ten question survey that Elder Goodrich and I wrote a few days ago to get her thinking, and she progressively warmed up and invited us in. It was the most incredible lesson I've ever had. She and her husband were very receptive. 

The elder Elder Hale on his mission in Oulu, Finland.
Any resemblance? 
When we were finishing the lesson, she started crying and told us that we had answered questions she had had for years. In her prayer, she thanked God for the angels that she and her husband had turned away so many times before. We're happy to turn them over to our zone leaders who are serving in Talagante. I know we were supposed to be there that day. 

I learned a valuable lesson that the worth of souls is great in the sight of the Lord. I am a witness of the power of the Spirit unto the convincing of men. Charity is the second most important commandment we have been given. Look no further than the Savior Jesus Christ for the perfect example of charity. 1 Nephi 11 (I think). 

Thank you all for your prayers.

Love you all.  
You are in my prayers always,
Elder Hale

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