Monday, April 18, 2016

Flooding, Cambios, and a Stomach Virus...Good Times!

Editors note:  We heard Santiago experienced a 5.1 earthquake last week, but as we Natives know, 5.1 ain't no big deal.  We didn't hear anything about it from the mission office, which was fine - no news is good news, right?  So yesterday, early afternoon, we received the following email from the mission office: This email is only to let you know that all of the missionaries in the mission are ok, there is just a lot of rain in Chile right now. All are safely in their houses, you don´t need to worry they are all safe!

WHAT!  Thank goodness for the internet. Apparently, Santiago received the equivalent of their entire winter's rainfall in a 24-hour time period. Rivers overflowed, bridges and roads washed away, several people died, parts of the city are without drinking water, mud and water everywhere, etc.  

We weren't sure we would even hear from Nathan this week, but thankfully, we did.  And he didn't even mention the earthquake.

So....this week was pretty crazy.

Quick summary- lots of flooding, cambios, and a stomach virus.

So by far the weirdest thing of all is that right now I'm emailing from Republica in the city!! Elder Goodrich and I got Whitewashed! (See below) Elder Goodrich had been serving in Calera de Tango for almost nine months.  It  would have been a record. He still can't believe they changed us right in the middle of my training. 
Primero Distrito

Pray for me, please. Republica is one of the more dangerous parts of the mission. Mucho flaite. (Chilean for gangster/ghetto/sketchy)

The view from the new pension

The rain was pretty crazy! We didn't see the worst of it because Calera de Tango is more open than the city. The streets were like rivers on the way into Santiago today, no exaggeration in the slightest.

Singing in the rain
I got sick and missed a few hours of work this week, but I'm better now :)

I'll close this email down with a couple of funny stories. We were contacting last week in the rain (while I had a stomach virus) and this lady came out. When we asked if we could come in and share with the family she said, "I can't. It's raining."  *forehead slap*

We were teaching an abuelita before I left who is sooooo hilarious, but a bit skeptical. When we were explaining the Book of Mormon, she said, "I have some doubts about youuuuuu. You said the Lehi left Jerusalem 600 years before Christ was born. That's not possible because Christ created the Earth!"  *double forehead slap*

Just singing in the rain

Okay, love and miss you,
Elder Hale

PS - My new zone leader, Elder Matthews, was on the track team at BYU with Sierra Hansen.

Whitewash or Whitewashed = To be Whitewashed is when both companions in an area are replaced or taken out.

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