Monday, April 11, 2016

Hola! Hola!

Hi, everybody who is still reading my email!

This week was a bit rough, but rewarding nonetheless. We have been working and praying really hard because the number of people our zone is finding is dropping rapidly. Our goal is usually 12 people every week, and the two weeks before this one we only found like one or two people the entire week. This week we found nine, so that's pretty good. 

What was frustrating this week was that people are soooooo flaky!!!! We had 36 people in the church yesterday (lol), and we thought were going to have many more because we had commitments from a lot of less-actives.  We had three investigators that had really solid commitments to attend.  Que flojo la gente aquĆ­.... It's okay though, we have a solid month planned.  We want to baptize seven people, and we have a list of about eight investigators right now that could be baptized if everything goes right.   We also have a long list of references that look promising. 

Please pray for Diego, our Young Mens president. He is really awesome.  His sister died very unexpectedly yesterday. 

We got to watch the Priesthood session from General Conference on Saturday.  I loved it so much.  My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf's,  It was awesome. I think he said something like this in English, "If charity is the defining quality of our Savior, then surely pride is the defining characteristic of Satan."  Wow.

In honor of National Siblings Day, and since Elder Hale did not send any photos, again, here is a picture of Jonathan, Nathan, and Kyra from Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand - August 2014.

So I had two gross experiences this week - haha.  We went to visit Mauricio, who is one of our new investigators. He lives in the most humble home I've ever seen, I have to duck my head to walk in his house and through his gate. Anyway, he offered us some juice and came out with this stuff that looked like apple juice in a container. Then he told us, "Sorry, we don't have anymore juice.  All we have is water." LOL.  He poured us a glass and I put it on the table and left it there. 

Then yesterday we went to eat lunch with a member, the same family where I ate the soup with a few dead bugs in it.  We had this pasta stuff with some weird looking meat that tasted like fish. I thought maybe it was squid because it was chewy, but it tasted kind of gross. After the meal my companion told me it was cow stomach. Haha! Cool.

Thanks for the prayers and love,
Elder Hale

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