Monday, May 30, 2016

Kit Kats for Brekkie!


This week was great! I finished training, so I'm officially not a greenie. Even better, now I'm training a new missionary. He is from Zimbabwe, and his name is Elder Gullible.

We didn't baptize Guillermina this change.  We do, however, have a firm date for the 11th of June. Her son is inviting the whole family.  It's gonna be great!  I don't know if I'll ever find someone more fun to teach.  Guillermina is super sweet.

Our District!

The picture is of our district. Both the sister missionaries and the Brazilian companion of our district leader left this change. I am sad. Elder Toneatti was super funny. I think Elder Villavicencio is still our district leader, but I'm not sure.  I have learned a lot from both of them in exchanges. We do them almost every week here.

Thanks so much for the package, Mom! Elder Goodrich loves the socks. And the Swedish Fish. The Kit Kats were great too - best breakfast I've ever had in Chile.  (:

I'm gonna start gifting the CTR rings this week, and the music is great.  Thanks, Pop!

Elder Hale
PS - Vamos a bautizar.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Spanish, Weird Tea, and a Virus

Dear Family,

This week was cool.  I think I pretty much have Spanish down and I can understand everyone. Right now I'm just working on cleaning up whatever horrible grammar I might have. 

Nathan had some technical issues with
his SD card, so instead, you get
Kelly and Jonathan with
BYU Quarterback Taysom Hill.
We didn't end up baptizing Guillermina this week.  She had the week filled with medical appointments, so we couldn't pass by to teach her the remaining commandments, nor could we have an interview.  Her son only wants us to pass by if he is there with her, and he told Guillermina last week that she didn't need to worry about baptism yet because she still had a lot to learn... NOOO, HIJO, WHHHYYYY??????

Just to clarify, you definitely do not need to know every Article of Faith by heart to be baptized.  Moroni 6:1-4  clarifies this.   It's cool.  We are trying to baptize her this week, but if it doesn't happen, it's not the end of the world.

I think we might be able to baptize Diego, but he still smokes and drinks marijuana tea, so that is a little bit of a problem. Don't ask me why he drinks marijuana tea. I don't know.

Love you all so much!
Elder Hale

PS- I will send pictures when I figure out how to work this darn computer.

Editor's Note:  A few minutes later, we received a second email from Nathan that said, "Okay! The computer here just gave my thingy a virus, so that's all I'm gonna send."   This is what we got.  :(
Pretty Blue Nothing

Monday, May 16, 2016

Roller Coaster

El medio metro completo 
Guillermina is getting baptized! We met with her and one of the members on Saturday and put a baptismal date for this coming Saturday!  She wonderful.  Her only concern is that she doesn't know much. She wants to know everything before she is baptized. Haha. We reassured her that we would continue to meet with her after her baptism. 

We have another investigator named Diego. He wants to be a firefighter, and his training will include Sundays for the next couple of months.  We were not sure if we should baptize him before his training started, but then he didn't make it to church this past Sunday because he got home at six in the morning from work.  Because he missed church yesterday, he won't be able to get in all of his required church attendance (prior to baptism) before his firefighting training starts.  :(

Please pray for Diego.  He could really benefit from the church. He has been searching for the truth for all of his life. 

It was a roller coaster week, to say the least.

The entire half meter - (?)  

I pray for all of you.

Elder Hale

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Are The Best! :)

Editors Note:  Yesterday was the much-anticipated Mother's Day Skype call with Elder Hale.  It was fantastic!  We learned a few things about his mission we thought we would share.

  • Yes.  He ate the bugs in his soup.
  • His pension is on the 18th floor.
  • Lunch is the big meal of the day.  The evening meal isn't a meal at all.  It's called once and it's more like snacking, or a tea time.
  • They get up at 6:30am, exercise, shower, eat breakfast, and study until around 11am. Then they hit the streets until around 9pm each night.
  • Milk only comes in quart-size boxes and does not require refrigeration.  (FYI, Nathan drinks loads of milk! And cereal with milk.)
  • The missionaries put in serious walking mileage.
  • In the city, if they are not walking, they ride the Metro.  It is insane!  The people are packed in like sardines, and it is easy to become separated from your companion with all the bodies pushing and moving.  They have a pre-arranged plan for when it happens - because it will happen.
  • Elder Hale loves his waterproof rain boots that he wasn't sure he would really need. (Or was it another family member that thought he wouldn't need them?)
  • They sell an awesome product in Chile that specifically targets ring-around-the-collar that works quite well!

Mother's Day Skype time!  Woo-Hoo!  

Hey Everybody,

It was really great to chat with the family yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Momma!

This past week was the best! We had a lot of success working in our sector. Elder Goodrich and Elder Mathews, our zone leader, found a very nice family when they were on divisions. We are excited because they are very similar to a family in our retention in Calera de Tango :).

We found tons of other new people to teach, too.  On Saturday, we were having a lot of trouble because all of our appointments fell through, and we hadn't taught anyone by 6:30pm, but we were guided by the Spirit to a recent convert of about a year-and-a-half ago, William.   He hasn't been to church in a while, so we invited him and gave a lesson that I prepared for less-actives using 3 Nephi 18.  The Spirit was very strong.  We are going to prepare him to enter into the temple soon! 

Then we were guided by the Spirit to three more new people, including a couple with two kids.  They're actually married! ( YAAAAA!! ) It was a great day, but really tough. We were practically running from house to house after 6:30pm.

Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Hale

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Room With A View

We got to go to the Santiago Temple this week!
Hola, hola, hola!

It was a great week, fam.

A view of a Blood Moon taken from our pension
This sector we are serving in is tough, but we've managed to get back (just about) to where we were in Calera de Tango. We've found lots of new people to teach, and have had a lot of references from the members. I think the members can tell we are hard workers. 

On Fast Sunday almost everyone we talked to bore testimony about missionary work! It was awesome. We also had the abuelita I talked about (in last weeks email) in the church this Sunday. She loved it! Her son is funny. He's soooooo excited his mom is having the lessons. He bore testimony about how we'd been the answer to his prayers and that we were angels in his eyes. How blessed I am to have been an instrument in the hands of the Lord to answer the prayers of this man. We were giving a tour of the church and he said, "and this is the baptismal font where you're going to be baptized." Haha. He's a little too excited.  I think that made the abuelita uncomfortable. 

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

We also went on divisions with our district leaders this week. They are awesome missionaries. They're both from Brazil and converts in the church. The Brazilians have the funniest accents when they speak Spanish - haha. I taught my first lesson with Haitians this week on divisions with them. Elders that serve in areas with lots of Haitians often learn to speak Creole here. I attached a picture of the view from their pension. It's even better than ours. 
The amazing view from our DL's pension

BTW Mom, I left my calendar in Calera de Tango, but I think Earth Day was last week! Happy Anniversary!

Love you guys!
Elder Hale

Spanish is going great!

So the transformer you gave me doesn't work here. It's too fat. But that's okay because I bought something for the camera. Also, we don't usually have time to cut our own hair here. There are places everywhere and it's cheap and quick to do it. It's like 3 luca - super cheap.
The line-up of empty energy drink cans we found when we moved in to our pension.
Photo of the map showing the dangerous area of the city - Babilonia la Grande