Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Are The Best! :)

Editors Note:  Yesterday was the much-anticipated Mother's Day Skype call with Elder Hale.  It was fantastic!  We learned a few things about his mission we thought we would share.

  • Yes.  He ate the bugs in his soup.
  • His pension is on the 18th floor.
  • Lunch is the big meal of the day.  The evening meal isn't a meal at all.  It's called once and it's more like snacking, or a tea time.
  • They get up at 6:30am, exercise, shower, eat breakfast, and study until around 11am. Then they hit the streets until around 9pm each night.
  • Milk only comes in quart-size boxes and does not require refrigeration.  (FYI, Nathan drinks loads of milk! And cereal with milk.)
  • The missionaries put in serious walking mileage.
  • In the city, if they are not walking, they ride the Metro.  It is insane!  The people are packed in like sardines, and it is easy to become separated from your companion with all the bodies pushing and moving.  They have a pre-arranged plan for when it happens - because it will happen.
  • Elder Hale loves his waterproof rain boots that he wasn't sure he would really need. (Or was it another family member that thought he wouldn't need them?)
  • They sell an awesome product in Chile that specifically targets ring-around-the-collar that works quite well!

Mother's Day Skype time!  Woo-Hoo!  

Hey Everybody,

It was really great to chat with the family yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Momma!

This past week was the best! We had a lot of success working in our sector. Elder Goodrich and Elder Mathews, our zone leader, found a very nice family when they were on divisions. We are excited because they are very similar to a family in our retention in Calera de Tango :).

We found tons of other new people to teach, too.  On Saturday, we were having a lot of trouble because all of our appointments fell through, and we hadn't taught anyone by 6:30pm, but we were guided by the Spirit to a recent convert of about a year-and-a-half ago, William.   He hasn't been to church in a while, so we invited him and gave a lesson that I prepared for less-actives using 3 Nephi 18.  The Spirit was very strong.  We are going to prepare him to enter into the temple soon! 

Then we were guided by the Spirit to three more new people, including a couple with two kids.  They're actually married! ( YAAAAA!! ) It was a great day, but really tough. We were practically running from house to house after 6:30pm.

Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Hale

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