Monday, May 16, 2016

Roller Coaster

El medio metro completo 
Guillermina is getting baptized! We met with her and one of the members on Saturday and put a baptismal date for this coming Saturday!  She wonderful.  Her only concern is that she doesn't know much. She wants to know everything before she is baptized. Haha. We reassured her that we would continue to meet with her after her baptism. 

We have another investigator named Diego. He wants to be a firefighter, and his training will include Sundays for the next couple of months.  We were not sure if we should baptize him before his training started, but then he didn't make it to church this past Sunday because he got home at six in the morning from work.  Because he missed church yesterday, he won't be able to get in all of his required church attendance (prior to baptism) before his firefighting training starts.  :(

Please pray for Diego.  He could really benefit from the church. He has been searching for the truth for all of his life. 

It was a roller coaster week, to say the least.

The entire half meter - (?)  

I pray for all of you.

Elder Hale

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