Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Despidido, President Barreiros!

A picture of me in front of a mural of my family

This week was great!   We found many people to teach.  Patrick committed to be baptized in July! He is one cool dude.

Our mission president is leaving this week.   :(   He is super awesome.   It was very hard to say goodbye.  His wife, Hermana Barreiros, is also super cool.

They banned bicycles in the mission but they didn't say anything about exercise bikes!
The night Chile won Copa America was crazy! We thought they had lost until we were in bed trying to go to sleep.  When it went down to penalty kicks, we figured out what was happening by the sounds we could hear. When Chile won, the entire city came alive! I couldn't get to sleep until like after midnight.

The Calera Crew!

So I wanted to write about this weird experience we had with a member.  He and his wife are both returned missionaries, and tried to give us suggestions about missionary work.  Here is some information I thought I'd pass along to any member families who read this:

  • Please do your best to have lunch and/or dinner ready when the missionaries get there because we only have an hour to eat.
  • If we offer to help, please don't be offended.
  • Missionaries are here to baptize people the Lord has prepared, not "plant seeds". 
  • Preparing people for the missionaries is the job of the MEMBERS!!!!

Yo y Elder Clark, un hombre muy extraño pero muy bueno
It was a very delicious lunch, nonetheless.


Elder Hale

PS- P-Day is on Wednesday next week!

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