Monday, June 20, 2016

Woo Hoo!

So here's a quick update on the life of Elder Hale:

President Barreiros is leaving next week.  He is super awesome. I'm sad he is leaving. He is pretty funny and he has the thickest Brazilian accent I've ever heard.  I only just figured out how to understand him a few months ago. Haha!

We taught a guy named Patrick this week. He has been to church like four weeks and wants to be baptized. He has his doubts though, because he struggles with peer pressure (he is in college). But, he is awesome.  We were going to try filling out his entire baptismal form in the first lesson and become legends, but we didn't know he was struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Everyone in the ward says he's a sure baptism in the next month!

We tried making cookies today. Elder Goodrich thinks that 50 ml is half a liter. We didn't make cookies today.

Guillermina is progressing faster than any new member I've ever seen! She talks all the time about how awesome she thinks Nephi is.  Haha! We gave her a notebook with essential gospel doctrine and she's been filling it! (with questions for us, too. Hahaha!)

Love you guys! 
Elder Hale

Note:  No pictures this week!

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  1. Hi elder hale!! I feel a bit guilty ( to say the least) for being so delinquent in my correspondence with you! I want you to know how proud I am of you. It literally amazes me to think of where you are and what you have been able to accomplish in such a sort time. You have helped me continue to see the truthfulness of the gospel. For that alone, I thank you! Keep up the great work and know you are thought of and prayed for often.�� Love aunt carol