Monday, July 25, 2016

Almost a Chilean

Waiting for our visas
Dear Family,

Patrick is getting baptized on Saturday!

I'm almost a Chilean.  I'm in the system.  Falta un carnet.

Elder Schneider, far left, was Nathan's companion in the Mexico City MTC
Not much else happened this week, unfortunately. We found new people to teach, but we have a problem in this sector where it is super difficult to find our news.  (News are people you invite to be baptized while contacting - at least in our mission)  Last week we had four lessons confirmed on a day (we called them the night before) and three of them fell through the day of.  Sometimes we consider not calling anyone because it's easier to drop in on people when we don't confirm the lessons.  Lol.

Please pray for the dad of one of our members.  His names Jorge.  He is going through a roooouuuugh time.  Long story short, several years ago his wife left and he can't get a divorce because the process is long and he doesn't even know where she is.  Now he has lost his church membership because he is living with someone. So he messed up there, but this lady is pretty cool and our retention, Jorgito, believes she is his mom.  Tough situation.

Love you!

Elder Hale

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