Monday, July 11, 2016

"Daddy's" Boy

Elder Hale with President and Sister Woodward


Guess who's a Daddy's Boy?

It's me!  This will be my fourth change with my trainer, Elder Goodrich (aka Daddy)! We homies.

This week was a little frustrating.  We got in lots of doors while we were contacting, but found very few people with potential. Also, we had to take one of our investigators that we thought had a lot of potential, Fransisco, off of our list.  We came over to teach him and he left and walked into his bedroom.  His dad was just chillin' like we came there to teach him.  Haha.  I just got up and walked into Francisco's room and he was sitting on his bed playing a video game and told us he just wasn't "in the mood." So, no más.
Went to the store lookin' for some lollies and couldn't find any.  
Jokes, bro.

Also, we might have to let Angelina go or give her reference to another pair of missionaries because her life is kind of a mess right now. She spends her weekends at her brother's house really far away. I just hope her brother's house is close to a church.

We went to the temple with Guillermina.  She couldn't do baptisms but she got confirmed for a few people. I don't know if she understood what was going on.  I guess we are going to explain the Plan of Salvation again -  haha.

Looking forward to six more weeks with my dawg, Elder Goodrich.

Love you!
Elder Hale

My district homies.  The gringa was in my district in the MTC.

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