Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Never Give Up...Never Surrender

Photo with both the incoming (Woodward) and outgoing (Barreiros) mission presidents.
Nathan is in the back row, to the left of center.

Dear Family,

So this week was very interesting.  It was good!

We found some people with a LOT of potential. One day, we had to contact all day because we don't have investigators or recent converts or members that are home during the daytime. lol. (A bit of an over-exaggeration, but that is how the day ended up.)

We have been eliminating our investigators quicker lately because (with much respect to the Chilean culture), they are very good talkers and not very good "doers." (You could probably say the same for every country.)  Anyway, the other day we found one person. Her name is Angelina. She recently separated from her boyfriend and has four kids, one who is only two-weeks old.  She lives with three of her kids in what is basically a one-room house that is a little smaller than my bedroom back home.  She is very receptive and very strong in her circumstances.  A rather remarkable woman.

The other is a part member family. The dad is less-active because of work, but he is talking to his boss about getting Sundays off and looks like it'll be no problem. We invited his son, Fransisco, to be baptized and he is super excited.  We put the baptismal date for the 23rd for both Fransisco and Angelina.

Yesterday I went on divisions with our zone leader, Elder Matthews.  He is a pretty incredible missionary. We contacted a guy that was kind of a jerk.  He stated he was busy with "cajones".  Elder Matthews just said, "yo no sé Español muy bien, ¿podría mostrarme que es un cajon?" He let us in and it turned out to be really good. He accepted the baptismal invitation and wants to come to church. It pretty much just proves that you can't really give up on people in the doorway.  

So if you wonder why missionaries are so persistent, there you go.


Elder Hale

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