Monday, July 18, 2016

Republica... Brazublica.

This week was good.  Our new zone is sick - sick as in awesome, gnarly, rad, tubular, bacán, genial.  Elder Goodrich's trainer, Elder Olivera, is our zone leader.  He's sick (see above).  Fala Português? Because now we've got two Brazilian zone leaders.  Republica ----> Brazublica.

Patrick is still awesome.  He is excited to be baptized on the 30th.

We found this dude named Marcelo a week ago  He's pretty crazy.  He had real desire to change and get sober, but we never had a lesson with him when he wasn't drunk, so there was no way to have the Spirit. We think the only lesson where he was all there was when we first found him. We had to drop him from our teaching pool.    :(

Santiago Chile Temple in the evening

We did some service.  I got pictures, but I left my camera at home.  I am in Maipu because we did the papers for our visas today.  NINE hours of lines and we didn't even finish.  We have to go back next week. Yay.

Batizar até o pó.
Bautizar caleta.
Baptize a lot.

Elder Hale

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