Monday, August 29, 2016

Miracles And Cooking Eggs In A Sandwich Maker

Elder Hale did not send photos this week, so here is one of Sister Jennifer Hansen, who is serving in Mongolia.  Yes.  That is indeed a vulture on her arm.
Nathan's comment:  "That photo of Jennifer is so cool, my brain just exploded!"

Dear Family,

The week was nuts.

We found lots of new people to teach and lots of miracles. One of the people we met is an Evangelical Christian old guy that is pretty awesome.  He knows how to listen to the spirit very well. Usually, it is very hard to progress with members of his religion, but he accepted baptism with a date, and committed at the first lesson we taught. And he came to church, so that's cool. 

We also found a part-member family and they're SOOO GANGSTER it's hilarious.  The mom also accepted baptism with a date in the first visit, along with their 10-year old son.

So my companion says it's not dangerous here, but the other day some lady got assassinated in a public park by a group of gangsters, so that's a thing now.  

We haven't seen many immigrants since I arrived here.

Hoping that we have money in our accounts so we can buy gas.  Then I can take a HOT SHOWER and stop cooking eggs in a sandwich maker.

Love you so much!
Elder Hale

This showed up as a Facebook memory from one year ago today, August 29th.
Dropping off Nathan at BYU.  (Sigh)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Peñaflor! New Area, New Companion, and Cold Showers

Elder Hale, Sweet Guillermina, and Elder Goodrich

I'm in Peñaflor with my new companion, Elder Lastra.  He seems like a cool guy.  He's Peruvian.

La familia Correa
Last week was really cool, though. We found ANOTHER abuelita! Her name is Rosa and she is SUPER AWESOME.   Her mom, who is 94-YEARS OLD, is a member!  We gave Rosa a blessing and taught her a bit.  She accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 3rd of September!  She is wonderful, and I am sad I had to leave her.

Elder Goodrich is going to train AGAIN.  WOOOO!!
La generación! Elder Oliveria y Elder Goodrich y yo

The son and the dad
Life is good.  Please pray for me. There are no cabinets in our house, or gas to cook with or take a hot shower. Lololol.

Luv Ya!
Elder Hale

ALSO, I had to say goodbye to Guillermina and Patrick.  It was tough. Guillermina kept trying to get me to give her a hug, and she gifted me a pair of socks. She is great.

Patrick is awesome, too!  I hope we see each other again.

That's all.
La zona Republica

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lafwa Ampil (A Lot of Faith)

Mi primero asado en Chile (My first roast in Chile)
Dear Family,

This week was pretty strange.  We found more Peruvian investigators. This guy named Alejandro is super sick*.  He has a uncle who is a bishop and he wants to be baptized - A LOT. He introduced us to his niece, who also wants to be baptized, Estefani.

Elmer, our other Peruvian investigator who was going to be baptized this week, DISAPPEARED! We saw him twice on Saturday and he was really excited for church and then we stopped by his house and nothing. We don't know where he went.  He doesn't answer his phone either.  If this is like the majority of situations here in Chile, we will find him in his house in two days and he'll say he was sleeping, and then we will baptize him on the 27th.  Pero no sé.

Thats about it.

Oh, just kidding. We have another immigrant investigator, Diyadira.  She is from the Dominican Republic.  She's sick*.

Elder Goodrich turned 1!!!!  He burned his shirt and it was great.  We also made shirts for the zone, pic included.

We made T-shirts!

Thanks, fam! Love you all.
Elder Hale

PS - Changes are next week, mom.
PSS  - Glad for your baptism, Dana Point. Saludos!

Sick \'sik\ adjective - Cool, awesome, amazing

Monday, August 8, 2016

Eske Ou Pale Kreyol?

Dear Family,

It was a good week. Many miracles.

We found my brand new Peruvian homie, Elmer.  He loved church yesterday.  He lives here alone. His family is in Peru.


We found some brand-new Haitians in my sector.  I've been practicing my Creole.  We printed off some pamphlets in Creole because we can't ask for the official ones in the mission.  I have no idea why.  Our investigators are David Emmanuel, Oriol, and Smith.  Smith is the only who speaks Spanish, lol, but they all came to church and loved it - except for David.  He's a party pooper :(       JKJK!! (lol) They understood nothing!  Haha!
No photo from Elder Hale today, but we found one we haven't seen before from his companion.  

We watched The Restoration in French, and Oriol and Smith were going crazy.  They thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever heard.  Also, Smith speaks English like a boss, and French, and Portuguese.  This guy is a language learning machine!

BTW, we are going to put a baptismal date for the 20th with my homie, g Elmer.  I'll take photos.

Love you guys!

Elder Hale

PS- I'm saying lots of prayers in Creole.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Love and Hugs and Kisses and Flowers and Bunnies

Hola Chiquillos!

We baptized my homie, Patrick!

It was ward conference and the stake president gave us permission to ordain him a priest right after church. Patrick is a beast.
Patrick's baptismal day!

Patrick is my first non-Chilean baptism. He is from Peru. He's going to be awesome!  We homies.

We played soccer today. That was fun.

The one and only Elder Oliveria

This week I also got to go on divisions with my abuelo (the trainer of my trainer, Elder Goodrich). He is fantastic. I've been on divisions in the sector of our zone leaders so many times that I pretty much know all their recent converts - haha! Elder Oliveira had a baptism planned with a guy I found in their sector with Elder Farreira. They almost baptized him this week on the date we set in the first lesson!  Unfortunately, it fell through the day before, but he is preparing for next week.

Love and hugs and kisses and flowers and bunnies,
Elder Hale