Monday, August 29, 2016

Miracles And Cooking Eggs In A Sandwich Maker

Elder Hale did not send photos this week, so here is one of Sister Jennifer Hansen, who is serving in Mongolia.  Yes.  That is indeed a vulture on her arm.
Nathan's comment:  "That photo of Jennifer is so cool, my brain just exploded!"

Dear Family,

The week was nuts.

We found lots of new people to teach and lots of miracles. One of the people we met is an Evangelical Christian old guy that is pretty awesome.  He knows how to listen to the spirit very well. Usually, it is very hard to progress with members of his religion, but he accepted baptism with a date, and committed at the first lesson we taught. And he came to church, so that's cool. 

We also found a part-member family and they're SOOO GANGSTER it's hilarious.  The mom also accepted baptism with a date in the first visit, along with their 10-year old son.

So my companion says it's not dangerous here, but the other day some lady got assassinated in a public park by a group of gangsters, so that's a thing now.  

We haven't seen many immigrants since I arrived here.

Hoping that we have money in our accounts so we can buy gas.  Then I can take a HOT SHOWER and stop cooking eggs in a sandwich maker.

Love you so much!
Elder Hale

This showed up as a Facebook memory from one year ago today, August 29th.
Dropping off Nathan at BYU.  (Sigh)

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