Tuesday, September 20, 2016

18 de Septiembre!

18 de Septiembre celebration

Dear Familia,

This week was interesting. The 18th of September is the Chilean National Holiday.* It is basically the 4th of July with traditional dancing instead of fireworks.  The dances were super cool.   :)

I'm outraged because some of the Chileans think that if something is red, white, and blue with stars, it's Chilean.  I sent a picture that captures the madness! Who do you think you are, Chileans?  (just kidding - haha!)

So I wrote last week about the blind lady, Gladys.  She is pretty complicated. The family is super poor and she is really frustrated with the circumstances of her life. She relies heavily on her husband and he doesn't pay much attention.  Con la fe se va a bautizar. (With faith be baptized)

I found a church video in the pension called, "Only a Stonecutter". It is really interesting.  Go watch it! It had a new meaning for me when I saw it here in the mission. There are no excuses, only work. WORK, WORK, WORK!

Thanks for the love,
Elder Hale

*Within Chile the Fiestas Patrias are often referred to as the Dieciocho, or "18th" because the celebration occurs on September 18. Unofficially, the celebration can last for around a week, depending on when it falls (for example, if the 18th is a Wednesday, celebrations extend from Saturday the 14th, through Sunday the 22nd). It is held close to the spring equinox of the Southern Hemisphere so it doubles as a spring festival.  This day is very important to the Chilean people because they are celebrating their freedom from Spanish rule.

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