Monday, September 26, 2016

Missing Nature, a New Family, and a Dating Missionary

Elder Hale sharing the Book of Mormon

Dear Familia,

This week was pretty fun. We've been working more with the members this week. We have a goal to take members with us when we visit people, every single day of the week.  So far, we've made it.

We met this family the other day.  They are pretty wonderful. The mom, Cristal, came to church this Sunday and absolutely LOVED it. She loves the Relief Society! HAHA.

We met her on FRIDAY and she signed up to give us lunch on THURSDAY this week.  Wow!

Selfie with Elder Lastra

It really was a miracle of working with members. Cristal already has a ton of friends in the church. She said the prayer in Gospel Doctrine and thanked God for sending us to her door.

Only one problem...  She is divorced from her husband but not married to the man she lives with right now.   :(

Her boyfriend, Cesar, didn't make it to church.  He's a little more skeptical but he's actually really nice.  We are working a lot with members right now, so I think it will be no problem to get him integrated in the ward. Don't know if I will see the family get baptized in my time here because it can take a while with families like this, but they are wonderful and I'm glad I get to teach them. Please pray for Cesar and Cristal, by name, in your prayers.

Elder Hale and Elder Lastra
You got a picture of my companion, Elder Lastra, and one of Elder Salvador. Elder Salvador is a recent convert of about two years. He is serving a mission now, despite the fact that he is 50-years old. Cool, huh? (Yes, Mom. He let go of the steering wheel while I took the photo.)

Elder Salvador is not a full-time missionary.  He isn't married yet, but he is allowed to date while on the mission.  :)
Look, Ma!  No hands!  Elder Hale and Elder Salvador. 
Thats about it.
Love you guys.
Elder Hale

PS- We did divisions in a sector a little more rural, so I took some pics. Why can't I go back to Calera de Tango?  I miss nature.

Take me camping.

Please, I'm dying.

JK.  I love it here.
Missing nature

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