Monday, September 12, 2016


Elder Hale's Visa photo.
Kinda resembles a mug shot...

Dear Family,

This week was cool.

I got my Carnet this week so I'm officially not an illegal immigrant. That's wonderful!

We brought a blind lady and her husband to church yesterday. We had to practically beg the husband to come to church because she really wanted to go and he is just kind of lazy. Their names are Ambrosio and Gladys. Gladys is almost as funny as Guillermina and almost as old, too -haha.

Oh, and the sweet grandma that I found in my old sector with Elder Goodrich got baptized, and ON THE DAY THAT I INVITED IN THE FIRST LESSON.  She's so sick - bapped in two weeks.  Her name is Rosa.  Elder Goodrich and I are both going to the temple on the 24th, so I'll take pics then.

I have pictures, but I can't find the usb slot in this computer. Sooooorry. Next week, I promise.

Luv ya!
God bless us, every one :)
Elder Hale

Hey, Tyler! Don't eat the hot sauce that is on all the tables in the comedor (at the Mexico City CCM). And say hello to Esteban.  He works in the kitchen and he's pretty sick. He wears glasses, I think.
Rosa's baptism (Photo courtesy Elder Goodrich)

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