Monday, October 31, 2016

La Semana

Forever-alone Teeter-Totter
Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great - not going to write much.

The coolest thing ever happened! Angelica, the less-active member, came to church as promised. And brought the whole family - except the dad, who works on Sundays.

All four of her daughters came!  They are all young adults.  Kimberly and Brenda, who are awesome recent converts and about the same age,  helped show them around the church. The names of Angelica's daughters are Martina, Maria, Fernanda, and Javiera. They liked the church, especially Martina.

Also another recent convert brought his girlfriend to church - haha.

It was a good week, all in all.

Thank you for your prayers.  Please pray for the family we are teaching.

Elder Hale

PS- Halloween is a big deal here.  They get two days off.
BTW, I got the package, Mom. Thanks so much.  Loved everything, especially the note.



Monday, October 24, 2016

Bad Guy With A Monkey-Laugh And Some Shakespeare

Birds.  Yes, birds.
Dear Family,

So I wanted to say, quickly, all the bad things that happened this week!

Luis killed us.  It was rough.  He accepted the law of tithing immediately when we taught him, but when we came back, he wouldn't let us in.  He is poor, but he has a testimony of the restored gospel. There is no excuse for not keeping the commandments.

So some guy backhanded me in the street - lol. He pointed at my shoes, and when I was looking down, he hit me.  My ear rang for a little bit, but I'm fine.  His laugh actually sounded like a monkey. I don't know if that is some sort of metaphor - lol.

End of the bad news.

We found a part-member family, and they came to the baptism that Luis would have been a part of. The inactive mom wants to reactivate, and the daughter that attended the baptism really wants to be baptized. The mom's name is Angelica and the daughter is Martina.

I studied a lot about our eternal heritage this week. I want to testify that each of us is a son and daughter of God (even the guy that hit me in the face), with the divine potential to become like Him. Let's stop wasting our potential.

Here is a quote by Shakespeare that I liked from the conference talk by Elder Renlund.

What win I, if I gain the thing I seek?
A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy.
Who buys a minute’s mirth to wail a week?
Or sells eternity to get a toy?

Love you,
Elder Hale

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shortest. Email. Ever.

Elder Hale with "chicken baby"
Dear Family,

Luis is getting baptized on Saturday!

Love y'all,
Elder Hale

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zac Efron and a Grandma With Rocks!

Taking care of the holy scriptures of God
Dear Family,

This week was pretty great. This week we exercised the power of FAITH.  It worked!    :)

Zac Efron came to my house!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!

A couple of weeks ago we found this guy named Luis. The second time we came over he was super drunk, but this week I decided to go contact him again. We passed by him a second time and taught him the Restoration. He had read the entire pamphlet for the lesson and understood, with clarity, the entire thing.  He's had a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith for the last two weeks and we weren't even teaching him. He has a baptismal date for the 22nd of October.

Farmland in Peñaflor

He also has major problems with alcohol, but a real desire to quit. Prayers and faith.

We also found family that accepted baptism with a date, but the grandma found our number and called us and told us she would stone us if we came by again!  Lol. Haha! Violent old women - no sé qué hacer, ¿me cachai?

Pondering Baptisms

That's all, folks!

Love you, fam!
Elder Hale
We found a part of our sector thats pretty sick. We're never going back, lol.  Nobody lives there.

Monday, October 3, 2016

No Gain. No Pain!!

Oh, the Chileans!
Dear Familiares y Amigos,

The last change has been pretty crazy. We worked hard, but in the end, we didn't baptize anyone. General Conference always helps to gets me motivated to get back to work. We will see what miracles happen this change.

This morning, I read a bit in my journal during my personal study time. I haven't been writing in it very much (sorry, Mom - haha).  It was interesting to read about the things that bothered me and the challenges I had at the beginning of the mission.  I realized that I have progressed rapidly.  I can't believe how my preoccupations have changed.   Also, I'm a bit surprised at how......childish the way I thought about things was.

Apparently the sister missionary thought I wanted a freaking picture of my companion taking a selfie
I'm glad I wrote in my journal at the beginning of my mission.  It has helped me to put in perspective the changes we go through when we are committed to following and becoming like the Savior Jesus Christ. I also went ahead and wrote my first entry in like four months - haha. I am gonna try to be better at writing in my journal from now on.  I have a starting goal of once a month. (Just kidding, Mom.)

Thank you for your love and prayers,
Elder Hale

PS- Mom (and anyone else who would like to join her) please pray that Elder Lastra and I can find new people to teach.  We have had little success.  Please pray for miracles.
La Zona, Peñaflor

From Elder Hale's email to"Pops":
What the heck!  Who put the BYU football schedule together? Michigan State is gonna kill 'em.