Monday, October 3, 2016

No Gain. No Pain!!

Oh, the Chileans!
Dear Familiares y Amigos,

The last change has been pretty crazy. We worked hard, but in the end, we didn't baptize anyone. General Conference always helps to gets me motivated to get back to work. We will see what miracles happen this change.

This morning, I read a bit in my journal during my personal study time. I haven't been writing in it very much (sorry, Mom - haha).  It was interesting to read about the things that bothered me and the challenges I had at the beginning of the mission.  I realized that I have progressed rapidly.  I can't believe how my preoccupations have changed.   Also, I'm a bit surprised at how......childish the way I thought about things was.

Apparently the sister missionary thought I wanted a freaking picture of my companion taking a selfie
I'm glad I wrote in my journal at the beginning of my mission.  It has helped me to put in perspective the changes we go through when we are committed to following and becoming like the Savior Jesus Christ. I also went ahead and wrote my first entry in like four months - haha. I am gonna try to be better at writing in my journal from now on.  I have a starting goal of once a month. (Just kidding, Mom.)

Thank you for your love and prayers,
Elder Hale

PS- Mom (and anyone else who would like to join her) please pray that Elder Lastra and I can find new people to teach.  We have had little success.  Please pray for miracles.
La Zona, PeƱaflor

From Elder Hale's email to"Pops":
What the heck!  Who put the BYU football schedule together? Michigan State is gonna kill 'em.

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