Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zac Efron and a Grandma With Rocks!

Taking care of the holy scriptures of God
Dear Family,

This week was pretty great. This week we exercised the power of FAITH.  It worked!    :)

Zac Efron came to my house!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!

A couple of weeks ago we found this guy named Luis. The second time we came over he was super drunk, but this week I decided to go contact him again. We passed by him a second time and taught him the Restoration. He had read the entire pamphlet for the lesson and understood, with clarity, the entire thing.  He's had a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith for the last two weeks and we weren't even teaching him. He has a baptismal date for the 22nd of October.

Farmland in Peñaflor

He also has major problems with alcohol, but a real desire to quit. Prayers and faith.

We also found family that accepted baptism with a date, but the grandma found our number and called us and told us she would stone us if we came by again!  Lol. Haha! Violent old women - no sé qué hacer, ¿me cachai?

Pondering Baptisms

That's all, folks!

Love you, fam!
Elder Hale
We found a part of our sector thats pretty sick. We're never going back, lol.  Nobody lives there.

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