Monday, November 14, 2016

A New Companion, A Fire, and The Simpsons

The computer had issues today, so we didn't get any photos from Elder Hale.
Instead you get Maisy on the beach in Laguna!

Dear Family,


Elder Hale receiving Elder Roberts.  He seems like a good guy - obedient, too.  Chao, Elder Lastra.

It's been really hot. It got up to 37°C  (98°F) this week.  A hill caught on fire in PeƱaflor.  The smoke was terrible, but there is a huge river between us and the hill, so it was all good.

Eugenia and her son Claudio are getting baptized on the 26th! We are super excited. They love church and it seems like Eugenia just gets more and more excited every day. Claudio is a little more quiet, but we are working with the young men to get him coming to activities.

I am excited for this change. It is already looking really good.

Wishing everyone good luck with our new, beloved, President Trump. 
Keep watching the Simpsons to find out what happens next.

Love you all!
Elder Hale


And you get Kelly's picture of the Supermoon!

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