Monday, November 21, 2016

News Flash! Elder Hale Bakes Cookies!!

Another week with no photos from Elder Hale.   Kyra went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday and her friend, Sophie, took this awesome picture!

Dear Family,

¡Eugenia y Claudio se van a bautizar!

Were really excited!  Teaching Eugenia has been amazing. She has so much faith, it's crazy.

Really interesting story:
When we taught Eugenia about keeping the sabbath day holy she was in the process of looking for a job, and she HORRIBLY poor. She found one, and when they told her she would need to work Sundays, she turned it down. We didn't even know until a few days ago.

When we taught her the law of tithing she didn't doubt for a second that paying her tithing would bless the lives of her and her son.  She told us she would do it as soon as she gets her first paycheck (she starts working today).  The following day she shared with us that she had been fasting for 24-hours. We thought maybe it was because we had taught the law of the fast, but then she told us it was because there wasn't any food in the house.

We called the Vidal Family to ask for some help. They are wonderful. They brought about four days worth of food to her and her son the next day.

I made them some chocolate chip cookies, too  :)   - and I didn't even burn them.

We had their baptism interview yesterday because Eugenia wasn't really sure about her work schedule for the week, so they are ready to go.

I feel very blessed to have known Eugenia and Claudio.

Thank you for your prayers,
Elder Hale

PS -  Please continue to pray, specifically for Claudio. His older brothers live close and influence him a lot. We are praying and fasting that Claudio is well received into the Young Men.

PSS - No photos, sorry. I had to wipe my photos in my SD card because the computer from last week did something weird.

PSSS - I make cookies for the retention and for members that help us all the time.
Not sure if that's manipulation or not, but I don't really care anyway. Haha!

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