Monday, November 28, 2016

Walking On The Moon...

Elder Roberts (front, left) and Elder Hale (front, right) on P-Day!

Dear Family,

Sorry.  You are gonna have to go find the photos from Elder Roberts because the computer I'm using right now definitely has a virus.

We baptized Eugenia and Claudio!

Interesting fact: Claudio's middle name is "Sting." Yes, like the singer for The Police.

It was a great experience. Eugenia told us that we have changed her life.

We found a family of Ecuadorians.  The dad is so cool.  His name is Tito. Unfortunately, like all immigrants, they work a lot and it's difficult to catch them together in the house at the same time. They are a family of six!

Lots of miracles this week.

Love you lots!
Elder Hale

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