Monday, December 26, 2016

Hasta La Vista, Peñeflor!

Happy Elder Hale on our Christmas Day Skype!!

Editor's Note:

We had our Christmas Skype call with Elder Hale yesterday!  It was wonderful!  

Here are some of the things we learned/highlights:

  • Elder Hale speaks English with an accent.  Kyra stated that she thought he sounded like he was in the movie Nacho Libre.
  • Wherever the missionaries go, people shout out to them, "Trump! Trump! Trump!" They even yell it at the Latin companionships.
  • The Chileans claim that the ozone is very thin over Santiago, but Elder Hale promised that he is wearing sunscreen.  
  • During the call, there were several times where Elder Hale struggled to figure out how to say a word in English.
  • Elder Hale ate cold cereal for breakfast yesterday.
  • In Chile, everyone opens their gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. When we Skyped, Elder Hale had yet to open his Christmas package even though it was Christmas Day and about 7pm.

The adorable Chilean nativity MM received from her sweet sister-in-law, Audra.  It's made from marbles! Especially love the singing angel in the back!

Dear Family,

So here is what's up:  I am going to train (a new missionary) in Amengual 3, which is a new sector I am going to open.

My trainee will probably be a Latino.  There are lots in the new group. That makes me glad. At least I won't have to worry about teaching him Spanish.   :)

Pedro, our investigator from last week, is progressing a lot. It's kind of funny, because when I left Carlos Valdovinos, a new missionary replaced me from Mexico. He baptized a lady Elder Goodrich and I found. Now he will be Elder Roberts' new companion - haha. He's going to baptize Pedro, the older gentleman we have been teaching.

That's about it. Please pray for me. More specifically, pray that I can stop being sick before I meet my new companion tomorrow. (I think I got sick last night).  I'm also a bit nervous about this new change.

Love y'all,
Elder Hale

PS - I promise there will be photos next week. There were some complications today.
He's wearing a Santa hat, just in case you were wondering...

Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Christmas Miracle!

Elder Hale is the one in the middle with his eyes closed

Dear Family,

The week was great.  We found a couple miracles this week.

First, we met Pedro.  He is an older guy. He's really cool and came to church this Sunday and accepted a baptismal date.

Igancia is a girl about 16-years old who we found and her mom wants us to teach her. She asks the greatest questions.  Sometimes it makes me realize that people inherently know the plan of salvation and it rings as something familiar when people are really repentant and have a true desire to know. She will get baptized for sure.  I don't know if I will be here to see it because we have changes the day after Christmas... We will see what happens.

So I know were not supposed to write negative things in our emails so I will phrase it like this:

I know that God sometimes knows better than we do. We invited a lot of people to a ward activity this last Saturday and for one reason or another, nobody came. It was frustrating because there was supposed to be a baptism immediately afterward. Well, we got to the activity at 6 (an hour late because nothing ever starts on time) and everyone was still setting up.  We helped out for an hour, and then it was time to start the baptism.  They started the baptism at like 7:20 and so the activity had to wait another 50 minutes. In the end, the activity started......3 hours and 30 minutes late. Only in Chile. I would have been so embarrassed if anyone we had invited had shown up.

That's it.

Love you guys,
Elder Hale
This is the scripture advent calendar MM made and sent to Elder Hale.
Inside each stocking is a couple pieces of candy and a Christmas scripture

PS - The packages arrived!  Can't wait to open them, mom!

PSS - I'm sweating my butt off.  It is 37-39° C. What is that in Fahrenheit?  (99-102° F)

Monday, December 12, 2016

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Zone conference last week.  Thank you, Sister Woodward, for posting photos on Facebook

Dear Familia,

Not much happened this week. We haven't been finding many investigators lately.

But it's all good. Sacar la mugre - ready to take out the trash this week.  (I don't know how to explain that phrase. It means to work hard, I think.)
Went on divisions with my friend, Elder Matamoros from Ecuador.  That was fun.   He's like the most hipster Latino I've ever met, and he's had so many American companions that he regularly uses English words when he talks, like "crap" and "freakin'" and "darn." It's pretty funny.

Not much more to say. Praying for you guys daily.

Elder Hale

PS - gonna try to send pictures.
PSS - haven't got the (Christmas) packages yet, mom

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Funny Story...

The Nativity outside the Santiago Temple

Dear Family,

This week was fun. We found lots of people to teach, but none of the new people we found came to church, unfortunately. The Ecuadorian family is impossible to find.....oración no más.

Funny story. We were out contacting on a local street when the Jehovah's Witnesses crashed the party. We went a little further down the road because the Chileans go on lockdown as if the mafia were outside when the JW's are out.  Nobody will come to the door for hours after they hit up a street.

So we went a little farther and BAM! - they started coming from the other side of the street.  It was an ambush! End of the story.  (It was really funny when it happened.)

Learned something cool, too. Joseph Smith wrote that faith is a principle that is cultivated and used through actions, but more specifically through words. 

When Jesus said let there be light, and there was light.
Every ordinance of the gospel uses a prayer or words.
Find me a miracle that Jesus performed without praying or saying words.
Therefore, the way to cultivate faith is by preaching the Gospel. Get out and share the gospel!

Love you!
Elder Hale

Santiago, Chile LDS Temple