Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Christmas Miracle!

Elder Hale is the one in the middle with his eyes closed

Dear Family,

The week was great.  We found a couple miracles this week.

First, we met Pedro.  He is an older guy. He's really cool and came to church this Sunday and accepted a baptismal date.

Igancia is a girl about 16-years old who we found and her mom wants us to teach her. She asks the greatest questions.  Sometimes it makes me realize that people inherently know the plan of salvation and it rings as something familiar when people are really repentant and have a true desire to know. She will get baptized for sure.  I don't know if I will be here to see it because we have changes the day after Christmas... We will see what happens.

So I know were not supposed to write negative things in our emails so I will phrase it like this:

I know that God sometimes knows better than we do. We invited a lot of people to a ward activity this last Saturday and for one reason or another, nobody came. It was frustrating because there was supposed to be a baptism immediately afterward. Well, we got to the activity at 6 (an hour late because nothing ever starts on time) and everyone was still setting up.  We helped out for an hour, and then it was time to start the baptism.  They started the baptism at like 7:20 and so the activity had to wait another 50 minutes. In the end, the activity started......3 hours and 30 minutes late. Only in Chile. I would have been so embarrassed if anyone we had invited had shown up.

That's it.

Love you guys,
Elder Hale
This is the scripture advent calendar MM made and sent to Elder Hale.
Inside each stocking is a couple pieces of candy and a Christmas scripture

PS - The packages arrived!  Can't wait to open them, mom!

PSS - I'm sweating my butt off.  It is 37-39° C. What is that in Fahrenheit?  (99-102° F)

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