Monday, January 30, 2017

Burning Shirt!

Shirt-burning ceremony celebrating one year in the mission field!

How's it going, Fam?

Not much happened this week except for we found like one billion Peruvians to teach. We found also found a Colombian, two Dominicans, and a Chilean, too - haha. Weird week.

The Chilean dude we found was pretty interesting. He contacted us in the street drunk one day, and spouted off random stuff about the U.S. and Donald Trump and the fires going on in Chile. I left and forgot about it. The next day he contacted us again in the street, except he was sober. He invited us over to help him recover from his addiction to alcohol and we came by the next day. He's pretty cool, actually. His name is Juan Carlos.

We found some Peruvians in the street that were trying moving a couch, so I hooked them up with my homie, Wili de Greco!

We also have an investigator, Rocio, that has been coming to church but lives with her boyfriend, Martin, who is a member. She is awesome, but she needs your prayers. We passed by to teach both of them the law of chastity and Martin wasn't there. She's having a bit of trouble in her relationship with Martin and isn't sure whether she should break up with him or marry him to get baptized. We have a Family Home Evening planned with them and a member family this week.


Love you all so much,
Elder Hale

Miracle!  Lame man walks!

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