Monday, January 16, 2017

Frustration and Miracles

Estación Central - Elder Hale's new area


This week was a bit frustrating, but I'm still very happy because we found some MILAGRÓNES (miracles).

We found this lady a few weeks ago that is super cool named Isabel. We couldn't pass by her because every time we put a time to come by she would always call us the day before to cancel. Supposedly, there is some family thing going on. But we talked with her the other day and she is awesome and always reads in the Book of Mormon and wants to get baptized. We also started talking to her daughter, Pia,  and she is super cool, too. They couldn't come to church this week, which really frustrated me, but we are excited to be able to teach them.

Another view of Estación Central

No estoy ni ahi con los Haitianos ahora-
So I thought our sector was full of Haitians, but it is really not.  There is only one house and none of the immigrants there like us very much - a little bit disappointing.

The Tunnel Tree before the big storm
Wow! I can't believe the big Sequoia tree fell down (the Pioneer Cabin Tree or the Tunnel Tree). I almost cried a little bit.

The magnificent Sequoia has fallen!

Love you, fam!
Elder Hale

PS - Papi mal

PSS - Mom, if you haven't already sent the birthday package, please put ONE or TWO ties in there. Some of mine are getting sun bleached, and I gave a bunch away at Christmas time. Please don't freak out and send me 100,000 billion.

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