Monday, January 23, 2017

Papi Mal!


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a bit slower, but we're psyched, because this week we are going to 'take out the trash' (sacar la mugre - Chilean slang, meaning work very hard). 

Cool story. One day last week we were contacting at night and said a prayer that we would find somebody who needed the Gospel. We met this lady who recently lost her daughter and her father in the same year, but when we asked if we could come in she said that it would be better if we came back on another day. (BTW, in Chilean this means I'm not that interested, but I don't want to come off badly.)  I told her we had recently said a prayer to find someone who needed to hear our message and the spirit guided us to her door. She let us in. We taught her a bit of the Plan of Salvation, and we are going back this week. Cool.

Elder Hale on the ugly street full of trash and graffiti 

Conversation of the week by Elder Hancock and a Columbian dude: 
(Papi mal is Creole for "Okay, cool")

Elder Hancock: Hey! There's a Haitian dude over there!
Elder Hancock: Bonjou! Como sa va, sak pase? 
Columbian dude: Soy Colombiano
Elder Hancock: Papi Mal
Colombiano: ¡Soy Colombiano!
Elder Hancock: Oh.......Papi mal

That's it for this week.

Love ya,
Elder Hale

An ugly part of our sector that is just a street full of garbage

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