Monday, February 27, 2017

The Birthday Boy Got A Birthday Cake!

Elder Yriarte on the left and Elder Hale on the right.  Mystery missionary in the middle.

Dear Familia,

This week was fun. We found some interesting people to teach. One of them is a Haitian that speaks Portuguese and he wants to get baptized. Oh, and also he is gay.  It's actually pretty interesting because from what I've heard, in Haiti it is a big deal and people have been killed in the street just for being accused of being gay. But we already taught him the law of chastity and he says he doesn't have a problem with it. Haitians have so much faith. We will see if he doesn't disappear randomly like all immigrants seem to do before he can be baptized.

We contacted some guy on my birthday and he was eating cake with his family because it was his birthday, too, but he wasn't interested in sharing his birthday cake...

Speaking of cakes, a sister in the ward made me one for my birthday, so that was cool. It was one of the best cakes I've ever eaten!  Chilean cakes are actually super good. They make them kind of wet and they serve them cold.

Also, we went and watched the new Star Wars movie on my birthday, so that was cool. (Just kidding!)  ;)

Love you guys a lot!

Elder Hale

Thanks, Mom. so much for the package. Loved it - especially the notes! (Also, just so you know, there is no way I'm ever gong to be able to wear that skinny red tie, but I'm gonna send it to Mauricio-  a convert in Calera de Tango).
Zone Conference.   Elder Hale is to the right of middle.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthday and Bunkbeds

Elder Hale helping la familia Dickenson put together bunkbeds

Dear Family,

So the mission has a new initiative.  We are focussing a lot on service now. It feels wonderful!

This week we saw a great miracle. We were out contacting and walked by a house with a giant shrine to the Virgin Mary. I decided to contact the house in spite of the intimidating monument in front. A lady who had recently moved in with her family came out. We offered to come by the next day and help them put together a bunk bed and a few cabinets and she accepted. When we went back the next day, the spirit was very strong and her husband was very grateful. We taught them a brief message about eternal families and the husband, Alejandro, was very interested. The family is name is Dickenson, believe it or not. One hundred-percent Chilean bloodline.  His family has no idea where it came from -haha.

Elder Yriarte putting together a bunkbed
Excited to keep you updated on La familia Dickenson!

You are having crazy storms and I'm sweating my butt off.

Elder Hale

PS - Mom my birthday package will get to me on Wednesday. Thanks!

Elder Hale's response to his dad's email:
Dad: So, when you celebrate your birthday you will have had 1/10th of your birthdays outside the US, and by the time you get home you will have lived almost 1/10th of your life in Chile!  Isn't that wild??

Elder Hale: I was actually just thinking about that yesterday that the mission seems a lot like an offering of a tenth of a 19, 20, 18 year old kid. Symbolic? Maybe, or maybe I'm just a weird missionary now. Who knows?
In honor of Elder Hale's 20th birthday on the 24th, here is one of momma's favorites!
Love and miss that dimpled smile!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tough Luck, Buttercup

Elder Hale,  Elder Yriarte and a drunk dude with a bible

Dear Family,

So this week was FUN!

Elder Yriarte and I found like a billion crazy people.  It was the funniest week of my life!

This one drunk guy told us that his pastor had "more sins than Judas" and that about made me lose it.

Anyway, Rocio needs your prayers.  They found jobs, finally, but Rocio's appendix burst two days after she found the job!!!!!!! She has 15 days off but she's going to try to work anyway because she's afraid of getting the boot. CRAZY. PRAYERS NEEDED. (We already gave her a blessing.)

Getting ready to attack Elder Hancock
Well, we found out this week where just about all the immigrants in our sector live. And they're all Baptists. Tough luck, Buttercup.

Thats it!

Love you!
Elder Hale

PS- Please also pray that we find more people to teach.

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Christmas Tree and a Funeral

El distrito - The district.  

Dear Familia y Amigos,

Pretty slow this week, but pretty dang fun. Elder Hancock and his companion baptized a super cool family of Bolivians. The baptism was super cool. A couple Haitians got baptized, too.

A bike (?)  
We also had changes.  I'll be here with Elder Yriarte another change and then probably one of us will leave. We are working hard so he can baptize this change.

Wow!  Lots of things happening at home. It made me so happy to see that Angie is getting married.
Murio Elder Galdame - When a missionary goes home, he "dies".  This is his "funeral".

Not much more to say, other than I love and miss you all, and why did no one write me to tell me who won the freaking Super Bowl!

Elder Hale

PS- Guess what?  Thank you for the ties.  They are beautiful.

Christmas finally arrived in February - HOORAY!! (FYI, mailed the end of October)