Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthday and Bunkbeds

Elder Hale helping la familia Dickenson put together bunkbeds

Dear Family,

So the mission has a new initiative.  We are focussing a lot on service now. It feels wonderful!

This week we saw a great miracle. We were out contacting and walked by a house with a giant shrine to the Virgin Mary. I decided to contact the house in spite of the intimidating monument in front. A lady who had recently moved in with her family came out. We offered to come by the next day and help them put together a bunk bed and a few cabinets and she accepted. When we went back the next day, the spirit was very strong and her husband was very grateful. We taught them a brief message about eternal families and the husband, Alejandro, was very interested. The family is name is Dickenson, believe it or not. One hundred-percent Chilean bloodline.  His family has no idea where it came from -haha.

Elder Yriarte putting together a bunkbed
Excited to keep you updated on La familia Dickenson!

You are having crazy storms and I'm sweating my butt off.

Elder Hale

PS - Mom my birthday package will get to me on Wednesday. Thanks!

Elder Hale's response to his dad's email:
Dad: So, when you celebrate your birthday you will have had 1/10th of your birthdays outside the US, and by the time you get home you will have lived almost 1/10th of your life in Chile!  Isn't that wild??

Elder Hale: I was actually just thinking about that yesterday that the mission seems a lot like an offering of a tenth of a 19, 20, 18 year old kid. Symbolic? Maybe, or maybe I'm just a weird missionary now. Who knows?
In honor of Elder Hale's 20th birthday on the 24th, here is one of momma's favorites!
Love and miss that dimpled smile!

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