Monday, February 13, 2017

Tough Luck, Buttercup

Elder Hale,  Elder Yriarte and a drunk dude with a bible

Dear Family,

So this week was FUN!

Elder Yriarte and I found like a billion crazy people.  It was the funniest week of my life!

This one drunk guy told us that his pastor had "more sins than Judas" and that about made me lose it.

Anyway, Rocio needs your prayers.  They found jobs, finally, but Rocio's appendix burst two days after she found the job!!!!!!! She has 15 days off but she's going to try to work anyway because she's afraid of getting the boot. CRAZY. PRAYERS NEEDED. (We already gave her a blessing.)

Getting ready to attack Elder Hancock
Well, we found out this week where just about all the immigrants in our sector live. And they're all Baptists. Tough luck, Buttercup.

Thats it!

Love you!
Elder Hale

PS- Please also pray that we find more people to teach.

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