Monday, March 27, 2017

Great miracles this week!

Little Miss "Elder Hale" - Haha!
Dear Family,

¡Gran milagros esta semana!

Bad news first though - The Dickenson Family did not come to church! I'm pulling my hair out every week.

We taught them The Family: A Proclamation for the World and a miracle happened. Claudia (the mom) has been pretty tough to crack, but she listened a bit and is excited for us to show them how to do family home evening today.  She listened to her son Alejandro give the closing prayer and she got super proud and excited about the gospel. What a miracle!  If only we could tie down Satan on Saturday night so they would come to church on Sunday.

Community service project.  Elder Hale is standing on the far left
FYI, I can teach all the lessons in Creole - no problem, and pray in Creole, too, so that's pretty awesome.  Now onto Portuguese.    :)

We have an investigator whose wife is Mormon. They have a cute little daughter, but he is what we call here "flaite" or "choro."

In Chile, the flaite people constantly use phrases with double meanings, and I have a TOUGH time understanding this guy. Plus he swears an average of 1,000,000 times per lesson.  His wife buries her head in her hands during the lessons - haha!

PAPA NOU KI NAN SYEL LA RENMEN NOU!!!!!  (Your Father in Heaven loves you!)

Elder Hale

PS- I heard a quote that if a missionary doesn't learn charity during his mission, he has wasted two years of his life.

Another service project - Elder Hale is in the back, to the right of center

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