Monday, April 3, 2017

Expecting Miracles

No photos from Elder Hale today, so here is a lovely picture of Kyra, Jason, and Jonathan.
 Jason leaves this week for Afghanistan.  We will miss him immensely!

Dear Family,

This General Conference was spectacular. I really enjoyed all of the talks. I wish I had brought some of my notes so I could share with you, but I didn't really take too many this time.  

A powerful lesson I learned has to do with miracles and how we can expect them. I have learned to recognize that miracles come from constant and diligent exercise of faith with little to no indication of the desired effect. If we are to have faith sufficient to see miracles, we must exercise it through accepting Jesus Christ and his gospel in every aspect over a determined course of time (with a goal in mind as well).  If we almost keep all the commandments, we almost receive the blessings.

I testify that families can be eternal. I bear my testimony that if we humble ourselves before God, the power of Jesus Christ can heal us of any past transgression.

Love you guys,
Elder Hale

PS - President Woodward called me this morning to tell me about Grandpa. It was a nice gesture.  He waited until today so I could enjoy the conference peacefully.
Until we meet again, Grandpa Surowiec 

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  1. I did not get to know him all that well, but I really did like him. We have lost too many friends and loved ones in the last few years. So glad that the gospel is there for us. I don't know what we would do without it. Love you Nathan +