Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pigeon For Lunch, Anyone?

Baptism of Wily, Wislet, and Jean

Dear Familia y Amigos,

This week was fun! We baptized three Haitian dudes: Wily, Wislet, and Jean. They are pretty awesome. They've been coming to church for a while now, and they finally decided to get baptized. We've almost always taught them at the church building because the homeowner they rent from doesn't like Mormons.

Font filled and ready to go!

Cesar is getting baptized this week. It has been a huge privilege to know him. He has so much faith, and it is awesome. His interview is today!

The other day we found a pigeon in the bathroom at the mission office. We have a joke in the mission about Peruvians and pigeons because supposedly, Peruvians eat pigeon.  So when Elder Lozano and I saw the pigeon, we yelled at Elder Lastra, "ELDER LASTRA, LLEGÓ SU ALMUERZO!!" (Elder Lastra, your lunch arrived!) Elder Lastra came in running in super confused and then got mad when he saw the pigeon. He then started to chase it out of the office and Elder Lozano took a video of Elder Lastra trapping his lunch.  :)

Elder Lozano, Elder Lastra, and Elder Hale
Love you guys,
Elder Hale

PS- We were out contacting when the earthquake hit. I don't know why everybody is making such a big deal. There were like three earthquakes and they were all tiny.  I've felt bigger ones in California.

A 7.1 is not a big earthquake in Chile. They didn't even call it an earthquake.  Earthquake in Spanish is "terremoto". They call little ones like the one that happened a "temblor".

Kind of funny story. We saw some lady running in the street after the earthquake. Then we contacted a house close to where we saw her running and the lady told us she couldn't talk to us because she was worried about her toddler grandchildren that her daughter left home alone. Parenting.

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  1. People all over the world eat pigeons. Frankly, I think pigeons are rats with wings, but congratulations on your baptisms.