Friday, April 21, 2017

The Office

Happy missionaries and a dude with purple hair
Dear Familia y Amigos-

Pretty crazy week, but we've been very blessed.

Unfortunately, I'm not really allowed to talk too much about what we do in the office because almost everything is supposed to be confidential.

We have been very blessed to find many people to teach. We have four investigators with baptismal dates!

One of them is married to member that recently reactivated in the church! His name is Cesar. He used to be atheist, but with a lot of prayer on the part of his wife, he's opened his heart to the message of the Restoration. He tells us every time we teach something new that the doubts he's had are being resolved. He quit smoking last week! MIRACLES!

Elders Lastro, Hale, and Lazano - working in the office

Wow, the Lord really does bless us when we forget ourselves and get to work. The last months have been rough, but I've learned more than any time in my life about the fruits of obedience and hard work.

Love you all so much,
Elder Hale

President Woodward with his staff

PS - I don't really have a fixed schedule anymore, so don't get frustrated if you don't always get an email on Thursday.

"Did I ever send this one, Mom?"  Nope.
Baptism day with Elder Roberts. Possibly Eugenia and Claudio?

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