Thursday, May 18, 2017

Anpil Benediksyon (Many Blessings)

Mother's Day Skype!  AWESOME!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week the cold came all at once. The mountains are covered in snow, and it is really pretty.

Last week Cesar came to church here in Esquina Blanca. He came for Mother's Day, and because his records are still here, he was able to receive the priesthood!

The Haitian men we baptized, Wilfrantz, Wislet, and Jean, came to church this week without coats and it is COLD. Luckily, we have a storage room in the office with clothes that missionaries leave behind so we went ahead and gave them some of those. 

This week I also have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ more in my life. It is incredible, but I can say now without a doubt that He lives and loves us. In moments where we express faith through hard-work, repentance, and when we partake in the sacred ordinances, the Lord is teaching us, bringing us nearer to him. This week I was especially blessed to have understood with more clarity in what way the challenges that present themselves every day were helping me to build faith in Jesus Christ and help me to become more like him.

Love and miss you,
Elder Hale

Administrators Note:
We had our Skype call with Elder Hale on Mother's Day!  It was wonderful to see his handsome face and talk real-time.  And yes, I cried like a baby when the screen went black.

Here are  a few of the things we learned:

Before he went to work in the office, they ate lunch (the big meal of the day in Chile) at member's homes seven days a week.  Now that they are in the office, it only happens twice a week.

The most common meal they are served is chicken and rice.

Elder Hale's favorite dish is called cazuela - a stew with meat, potatoes, and vegetables.  It's a Chilean classic.

When he cooks for himself in his pension, Elder Hale cooks rice, beans, pancakes (from mix), cereal, eggs.  Quite the repertoire!

So before Elder Hale left on his mission, we purchased a book on Chilean culture for him to read.  Kyra also read through it and was fascinated with the fact that babies in Chile drink Coke (soda) from a bottle.  Elder Hale brushed it off, thought it was absurd, and they have gone back and forth about it for over a year. Well, Elder Hale acquiesced on Sunday and shared that he has actually witnessed babies drinking Coca-Cola from a bottle.

There are four missionaries who live in their apartment.

We asked him if dreams in Spanish.  He confessed that the other night he started dreaming in Portuguese, but then realized (while dreaming) that he really doesn't know that much Portuguese, so he switched to Spanish.  Haha!

He really likes to eat completos.  It is a hot dog (that is not smokey) topped with guacamole, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Currently, he is working in the office.  It is supposed to be five days a week, but frequently, they have to go in on Saturday and sometimes Sunday to take care of important matters. They arrive around 10am, have an office meeting and assign tasks.  Elder Hale is responsible for keeping track of the visa status of the almost 200 missionaries - which is pretty tough. There are things that have to happen monthly and every time missionaries change, which in turn requires loads of documentation. Much of what they do and deal with is confidential. The office staff go out each weekday evening from 6 until 9pm, and all weekend to proselytize. He seems to enjoy the office work, and is learning and growing.

His shoes (and feet) are in great shape.  (Yeah!) Shout out to Dr. Nahid Birjhani Colton for her tips on keeping your feet healthy and making your shoes last!

Elder Hale stated the best thing about being a missionary is baptisms!

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