Friday, June 30, 2017

Danger, Will Robinson!


Don't have much to say this week because it's been gnarly with all the things we've had to do in the office. But I do have photos.  (He sent 35 photos!)  Hope that is enough photos.

By the way, Elder Yriarte is in CALERA DE TANGO in special changes! So excited.  

There you go! That's it.

Love ya,
Elder Hale

Elder Yriarte and Elder Hale

Oh! I forgot that I have a crazy story. 

This morning at like 3am, Elder Romero and I had to take a missionary to the airport. We were headed home and drove by this one spot that's a little bit sketchy.  In front of the crosswalk where we were stopped was a 16-year old kid with juggling balls. He was trying to get us to let him juggle for some coins and was leaning against the front of the car, too. This was at like 4am.  Elder Romero was freaked out, so I hit the horn and the kid went packing.  We took off and when I looked back there were like one or two other dudes hiding by the bus stop. CRAZY!

Climbing skills!

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