Thursday, June 15, 2017

¡Que Grande!

Until we meet again, Elder Lozano and Elder Lastra!

Dear Familia Y Amigos,

Recibiendo Elder Romero! Mi querido amigo Uruguayo!

These last few days were crazy! We had to take home 18 missionaries. 

I did divisions with Elder Schneider (because he has an international driver's license and I don't) to drop off missionaries at the airport and get them through the PDI (Policía de Investigaciones de Chile) and everything. We woke up early on Monday to take a sister missionary to the airport, then worked the whole day to get missionaries home until 12:30 at night. Then we woke up at 3:30am to bring another pair of missionaries to the airport at 5am. One of the missionaries had his flight time change and we had to get him an emergency flight.

We left Elder Lozano and Elder Lastra in the airport. That was pretty weird. While we were driving there I noticed this long-looking thing kind of sticking out of one of Elder Lastra's bags. When he was checking in his luggage, the lady made him pull a giant, Chinese-looking sword out of his bag. I almost laughed my head off when the lady checked it in anyway. Peruvians.

Elder Lozano, visiting RM Elder Hansen, and Elder Hale

Then we brought in 14 new missionaries! I love bringing in the new missionaries because it's probably the coolest part of the whole mission- for the trainer, too. I miss it a lot and I hope President Woodward will have me train again. Elder Yriarte and I are good friends. Same with Elder Goodrich.

Sorry I don't have much to write this week.  It's been kind of stressful and I forgot most of what happened before Monday.

Elder Hale

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