Thursday, August 3, 2017

Miracles And A Water Witch

July Zone Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was good.  We found lots of new people to teach.

We got a reference from the system of a lady named Nicol.  Nicol's dad lives in another ward in the mission and is listening to the missionaries. Nicol had listened a few times at his house and really liked it so she had the missionaries there send us her address. She is very receptive and feels that now is the time for her to get closer to God.

Last Saturday, a man from Colombia named Luis contacted us in the street to ask us where the church was. He's a member, but he hasn't been to church in a long time. He has a crazy story.  His kids got involved in drugs and alcohol, and one day, two of them were assassinated in a park by a gang. His whole family basically split up immediately. He sent his wife and two kids on an airplane to Chile and then hitchhiked all the way from Colombia to Chile. We were able to help him meet the bishop and the bishop is helping him to find employment. His wife came to church last week and loved it.

We taught his friend, Eimer, who is also from Colombia. He has a sickness in his leg that makes it difficult to walk and doesn't have money to buy all the medication he needs. We said a prayer together for him and when we came by two days later he stood up and shook our hands. He said the day after we left he felt strength in his leg and he walked with Luis and their dog, Princesa, all over Maipú.

Love and miss you all,
Elder Hale
Misión Chile Santiago Oeste

From Elder Hale's email to Kyra:
I met a guy the other day that believed in something weird. He thinks that everything is alive and that, for example, if you pray for a thing, it will do whatever it does better.  Then he gave us a glass of water from the tap and had us drink it and then gave us another glass of water from the tap and did a weird prayer thing on the water and we drank it and it tasted a little better, I think. Pretty sure he was a witch. Don't try this.

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